Other Projects

Explorations into different types of design

Design Categories: Infographic Design • Graphic Design • UI Design

Daily UI Challenge

UI Design

I started the Daily UI Challenge as a fun way to improve my UI Design skills. View the rest of the design challenge on my dribbble!

TOOLS USED: Sketch • Adobe XD • Illustrator

TIMELINE: November – December 2019

Iran Country Data

Infographic Design

This infographic details Iran’s country data, including information regarding it’s population, energy consumption, import and export, communication, agriculture, and more.

TOOLS USED: Illustrator

TIMELINE: October 2018

Making Lasagna

Infographic Design

This poster is a guide to making lasagna, using as little written language as possible.

TOOLS USED: Illustrator

TIMELINE: November 2018



Synastry is a fun little project that I started at HackHer, an all-female and non-binary hackathon at UMass Amherst, with Kaylien Phan. It is an astrology-based dating webapp, using information regarding the placement of the sun, moon, ascendant, and planets at one’s time of birth to determine compatibility.

I worked on the UI/UX Design of the app as well as using HTML/CSS to develop the front end of the webapp, and Kaylien worked on the backend, using Python to extract data from an astrology compatibility website.

Below are my mockups for the webapp. The design and planetary theme aims to be playful, simple, and intuitive. The typeface used is Neue Haas Grotesk.

TOOLS USED: Sketch • Illustrator • HTML/CSS

TIMELINE: February 2019