Campaign Design

Get Bi

Designing an awareness campaign to empower the voice of your average bisexual

TOOLS USED: Illustrator • InDesign • Photoshop • After Effects

TIMELINE: January – April 2019

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get bi is a campaign that brings awareness to the rejection, invalidation, and stigmatizing that are faced by bisexual people from both straight and gay communities, as well as the media.

Such invalidations include, but are not limited to, bisexuals suddenly becoming gay or straight because they decided to date someone of a different gender that they normally don’t aka no longer being considered bisexual because they decide to date someone of the same gender, not being accepted into LGBTQIA communities because they can “pass” as straight, others rejecting their bisexuality because there is no concrete “proof” since they haven’t necessarily been with both genders, etc.

It aims to undermine those stereotypes by using imagery and language to express what bisexuality is really like, and how it is okay to not fully understand the spectrum that bisexuality comes in.

The campaign takes the first-person voice of a bisexual person,  empowering their voices, and educating those who may not fully understand bisexuality.

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