MY ROLE: UX Design, Visual & Interface Design, UX Research

TOOLS USED: Sketch • Invision

Gather is an all-in-one event planning and hosting platform that facilitates collaboration and real-life connections. The app helps you find the people with the skills and experience needed to help you turn any event into an experience.

We designed a mobile app from scratch for seed-stage investment. The team consisted of myself, another UX Designer (DeVanté), a project manager (Darshan), and 2 engineers. 

The app has two different user flows for our two types of users — Hosts and Guests. This case study focuses primarily on the Guest user flow.

View the full clickable prototype here.


Working closely with one of the co-founders, Darshan, I created a mind map to dissect and visualize Gather’s goals and a user journey map to visualize how our 2 main user personas (guests and hosts) may use our product.

I had Darshan come up with words and phrases that he associated with Gather’s brand and mission. Then, I took those words and organized them in a hierarchical way.

In the mind map, we have our high level areas of focus in black, building community and collaboration through “plug and play” (ease of flow). In the pink, we show that our most basic levels of focus include facilitating bonding, networking, having people feel cared about, de-stressing, self-expression, and enjoyment of the process. The varying levels of gray represent everything in between. Off to the side in blue, we have internal motivators of our users, whatever reasons they may have to want to be part of a community or participate in collaborating with event hosters.

After going through the interviews Darshan had conducted prior to my joining of the team, DeVanté came up with three main persona types — the Host (those hosting the event), the Collaborator (freelanders hired for the gigs), and the Guest (attendees of the event).

In this user journey map, we focused on the user journeys for the primary users — the Host and Guest personas, mapping out all the points of contact guests and hosts would have with our app and the processes and actions within those. 

Initial Prototypes

Darshan initially gave me some sketches and a style guide he made to mock up the app in high fidelity on Sketch. The main features for the Guest flow would include:

These mockups reflect the onboarding and event searching flow. After completing the mockups, I worked with DeVanté to conduct a design audit. Some usability and design feedback received included:


After these mockups, DeVanté suggested we update the branding and create a style guide. The original typography and color choices could be better. We worked together to create a new style guide that solved the accessibility and usability issues that arose. 

We added a forest green as a complementary color to the pink and to have a color that had better contrast with white. We also decided to scratch Matrix and Futura as the fonts, and decided on a more screen-friendly font: Effra.

Together, we finalized what the navigation, button, icons, and forms would look like. 

Final Prototype

With this rebrand, I quickly moved to refresh the designs. Let’s take a look at the redesigned screens and my thoughts behind them! 

Onboarding with updated branding, colors of the type much more accessible, buttons and filters differentiated.

Home page, smaller cards to show user more with less scrolling. Included highlighting specific events and hosts for a more active way of engaging users in the product instead of engless scrolling. Menu also has better accessibility.

Created a separate search menu tab and improved upon the design — filters look less like buttons, filtering screens take up whole screen, more more visually engaging

Flushed out the event listing and payment flow. Text is larger and more readable.

View the full clickable prototype here.


Due to lack of funding because of COVID, the product was not fully developed. Before shutting down operations, over 30 in-person events and over 20 Zoom events were hosted on Gather's website, and the product we designed led the co-founders to pitch the product to 8 investors.

Here's DeVanté and I at a movie premiere hosted by Gather.