Christine Taing —

Los Angeles Based

Experience Designer

I am a multi-disciplinary designer interested in how people think and interact with the world around them. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums to investigate and redesign the different touchpoints in which individuals interact with the systems that make up our world.

My work experiences range from designing parts of a test rig for coronary angioplasty surgery to developing a mentorship program to creating an experience building platform from scratch.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles and would love to connect and collaborate over an oat milk latte or jasmine milk tea, so please hit me up!

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UX/UI Design


How can we make emotional literacy more accessible?

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Service Design


How can we enable autonomy in foster care children?

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UX/UI Design


How can we optimize food tracking to increase mindful eating habits?

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Campaign Design

Get Bi

How can we increase awareness about bisexuality?

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Other Projects

What other design projects have I worked on?

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